Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church!

The mission of Ascension Lutheran Church is to nurture and grow our members and community in faith through the teaching and preaching of the Word of God, through the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Join us for VBS at Ascension!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel back in time and witness epic events in history? Imagine the thrill of meeting great heroes of faith like Abraham, Moses or Gideon, or the fun of experiencing life in ancient cultures like Rome, or the fascination of watching famous inventors make discoveries that change the world.

Travel through time to meet the most important man ever – Jesus!

Experience science and craft fun, cool contests and quantum leap games.

Join us at Ascension Lutheran Church in Torrance, July 23-27, 2018

Registration opens April 2018

Follow the link to register: https://vbsmate.com/4BE75B64


Message from the Pastor

Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church’s website. We’re glad you stopped to check us out. Our church is in the midst of growth and change, and I’m sure that this website will grow and change too. Please be a frequent visitor to see what we’re up to.

We are a confessional Lutheran church with a mission to bring the Gospel and historically biblical teaching to our community. Since the early days of our church, Ascension Lutheran has had a heart for children. We opened our school in 1960 and continue to offer sound Christian teaching and healthy life principles to our students. Our school is open to both church members and the local community.

If you are a member, I urge you to explore everything this website has to offer. If you are an Internet visitor, please accept my invitation to join us in person at 8:15 am or 11:00 am on Sunday mornings. And don’t hesitate to check back on the website; there are exciting things happening at Ascension Lutheran in Torrance!

In Christ Jesus.

Pastor Michael